Portoro Marble Stone

Origin: Iran
Type: Marble
Code: MS-M73
Available in: Block, Slab, Tile
Colour: Black, Gold Veins

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Portoro Marble

Portoro Marble is an incredible black marble with distinct lovely gold veins. A unique classic natural stone. Italian Nero Portoro marble (Porto Venere Marble, La Spezia Marble, Riviera Marble, Liguria Marble) has white vein with fewer gold veins but Persian Portoro Marble has more gold vein which makes more luxuries marble compared with Italian marble type.


Portoro Marble Slab

MGT’s Slab warehouse is the best place to illustrate the high quality of Portoro Marble Slab for our special clients. The finishing that most enhances Black Portoro's splendor is polishing. A finishing type that makes the golden veining beautifully visible.


Portoro Marble Usage

Black Portoro marble the perfect material for the creation of decorative objects as columns, vases, design objects, precious interior facings, sculptures, decorative elements and for daily use ad tops for furniture and bathrooms, luxurious floorings and fireplaces. 

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