Persian Tiger Marble

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Persian Tiger Marble

Persian Tiger Marble is an Orange Marble with dark gray patterns. Persian Tiger Marble is a translucent marble. Persian tiger marble Tiles, Slabs, and Blocks are available in MGT warehouse.

Marmo Arancione

From a Multi-Colored marble quarry located in Kerman, few different marbles are sorted. Persian Tiger Marble, Aceka Marble, and President Marble and some other marbles are all from one quarry but in different colors and sorts. One of the special features of this marble quarry is that these marbles are transparent.

Orange Marble Slab

MGT Stone co has now been supplying a fast range of finished products for a number of years, partly originating from modern processing plants close to the production locations. Each slab guarantees the same quality standards, checks, and selection process as the raw blocks. The Persian Tiger Marble like Lilac Marble and Blue White Marble is Transparent and has the ability to pass the light through.

Orange Marble Tile

MGT Stone Company produces Persian Tiger Orange Marble Tile for one of its projects, Bamland shopping mall in Tehran, Iran.

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