Pietra Grey Marble

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Pietra Grey Marble

Pietra Grey Marble is one of the most eminent Iranian natural stones. In other words, it is a marble stone with a unique grey background and white veins slightly spread on it, forming the whole of this elegant stone.

One of the main characteristics of this marble which differentiates it from other similar marble stones, is the unique and beautiful grey colour.

Although It is easy to find a similar background colour among the grey marble stones category, the grey colour of it doesn’t reappear on the other products.

Due to its worldwide prominence and acceptance, Pietra Grey Marble is one of the most demanded and used stones among different marble stones. This acceptance is not only for the colour and pattern but also because of the high-quality solid and resistant marbles.

Pietra Grey

The origin of Pietra Grey refers to an Italian word.  still, the world fame of the Iranian Pietra Grey has made the word Pietra Grey be associated with this fantastic product worldwide. In addition to its global reputation, this stone is one of the long-aged marbles, so that you can find it in many historical construction and ancient monuments.

Types of Pietra Grey Marble

Pietra Grey Marble has a dark and light colour spectrum. Moreover, this stone can be classified as less and more veined types. Since customers demand every kind of Pietra Grey marble, MGT Stone Company presents them with this stone in dark and light colours, less and more veins.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pietra Grey Marble

The advantages and characteristics

  1. The high strength of this stone in terms of impact, increased resistance, excellent abrasion resistance, high durability and consistency, low water absorption and good polishability
  2. Reasonable and economical price
  3. Massive usage in different parts of the world
  4. Use in all kinds of modern architecture
  5. The potency of production with a variety of processes
  6. The growing trend in the consumption of this marble in local and foreign markets


In addition, to all mentioned positive features of Pietra Grey Marble, like other natural products, it also has some disadvantages. Having chains and burns on the stone is such a disadvantage that it reduces its polishability.

One of this marble’s other defections is yellow veins, which clients do not prefer.

With long seniority and significant expertise in producing Pietra Grey Marble and unique access to the best quarries of this marble, MGT Stone Company can present this product with high quality to esteemed clients.

Pietra Gray Marble

Pietra Gray Marble is a stunning marble from Iran that is very dense and consistent. The local name for Pietra Gray marble is Lashotor marble. This grey/black marble is sorted into different types by MGT stone based on the background colour and the number of white veins. It is one of the most famous and best-selling natural stones. As a professional manufacturer of Pietra Gray Marble Slabs for years, we offer various kinds of these gorgeous Marble Slabs. With advanced mechanical equipment and experienced technical workers, we can provide Pietra Gray Marble Blocks and Slabs of top quality and the best price.

Pietra Grey Marble Slab

Along with the growing acceptance and global fame of Pietra Grey Marble, the slab use of this stone has expanded. The slab of Pietra Grey Marble is one of the top products for export to European and Arabic countries.

MGT Stone Company uses the best possible blocks to produce high-quality slabs, which exports to Italy. Furthermore, we produce and process all slabs of Pietra Grey Marble slabs in the form of book matches.

Pietra Grey Marble Block

Like other forms of Pietra Grey Marble products, the block of this stone is one the most changeless required stones. MGT Stone Company provides clients in European countries such as Italy, Spain and other countries like China and Turkey with high-quality blocks from the best and exclusive quarries. The most prominent type of blocks is those that don’t contain any chain and burn on them.

Pietra Gray Marble Quarry

Pietra Grey Marble quarries in Isfahan province, close to Isfahan city, are among the first natural stone quarries that have been explored and implemented. So, the oldest stones used in the construction industry are from Pietra Grey Marble quarries.

There are various Pietra Grey marble quarries in the Lashotor district that each have their particular features.

Soil layers of stones compose many of its characteristics which affect the quality of the product obtained from the quarry. MGT Stone Company has been supplying this marble from unrivalled quarries for a long time.

Where to use Pietra Gray Marble

The on-trend colour of this marble makes it the perfect choice for marble bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas. This style of natural stone has been featured in designer and celebrity bathrooms and kitchens worldwide so that you can bring the natural beauty of marble to your home. Pietra Grey stone is perfect for Building stone, marble countertops, sinks, marble monuments, pool coping, sills, ornamental stone, interior, exterior, and other marble design projects.

Pietra Gray Names in Stone Market

Other names of Pietra Grey are Persian Grey Marble, Grey Pietra Marble, Grey Crystal Marble, Pietra Grigio Marble, Graphite Grey Marble, and Petra Grey Marble.  Chinese stone industry calls this stone  Bǐde lā huīsè.

Pietra Grey Polished

Over fifteen years of extensive research and development have resulted in a product situated at the cutting edge of high-definition digital technology. Our goal was to produce colours and shades typical of Pietra Grey Marble that retain the high fidelity of the natural stone.

Due to the high demand for Polished Pietra Grey in export and domestic markets, Polished Slabs are always available in our showroom.

Pietra Grey honed

Pietra grey honed marble has become popular. The surface of the marble is smooth and consistent but not so shiny. It has a little reflection. Therefore, floors, stairs and other areas that can easily withstand foot traffic are preferred.

Pietra Grey marble Price

Pietra Grey’s price depends on the raw material and the grade of marble. There are several Pietra grey quarries with different qualities. Moreover, the slabs and tiles of Pietra Grey are sorted based on the number of chains, the background colour, darkness and height. We welcome you to contact us to have the best quotation.


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