Pure White Onyx
Pure White Onyx
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Pure White Onyx

Pure White Onyx is a beautiful natural stone with wide variations featuring a white icy background and veins of golds and grays. Pure white onyx is the best and most expensive onyx in the world. Pure white onyx is available in onyx slabs and onyx blocks.The Pure White Onyx is mostly used with darker Colors like Brown Onyx, Karmania Traonyx and with marbles like Emperador Marble, Nero Marquina Marble and Pietra Gray Marble

Snow White Onyx

MGT Stone is exporting pure white onyx to Italy and China regularly. Pure white onyx knows as Snow White Onyx is the natural stone and it has a very nice shine with rich appearance. Snow White Onyx is recommended for indoor applications, including counter tops and backslashes. Architects and interior designers choose white onyx in their luxury hotel and residential projects, using it in interiors, bathrooms, kitchens, onyx countertops, and showers. The highest quality of this Natural Stone is due to its homogenous structure and elegance of its chromatic texture.

White Onyx Slab

All onyx has naturally occurring cracks and fissures. It is a fragile stone in compare with other natural stones such as travertine and marble. Pure white onyx production is not very difficult because it is a healthy stone; usually, we use it crosscut and with backlight. Please contact us for the pure white onyx slab, pure white onyx tile, and pure white onyx block.


White Onyx Tile

White onyx Tile is frequently used or flooring and wall cladding applications. It is also being preferred for countertop, table tops fireplace surroundings, and bathroom vanity.

White Onyx Suppliers

Pure white onyx blocks are being sold even more than 5000 USD/Ton in the world. Iran has many white onyx quarries. The pure white onyx quarry is placed in North West of Iran. In addition, MGT would be an honor to own one of the most popular pure white onyx quarries with special properties such as having awesome white color and high level of purity. Mexico is another origin for white onyx. Mexican white onyx is very different from Iranian white onyx in color and purity. Afghanistan white onyx is also famous but because of professional quarrying facilities in Iran, Persian white onyx extracted with higher quality.

White Onyx Slab Price

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