Rainbow Onyx

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Rainbow Onyx

Rainbow Onyx is a unique red onyx made up of layers of gold, white and brown veining. Portions of this stone are semi-translucent and can be backlit for a wonderfully beautiful aesthetic. MGT suggests using this lovely onyx for master bathroom vanities, hot tub surrounds, fireplace surrounds and can be backlit as a standalone piece of art. Persian Rainbow onyx is different from Turkish Rainbow Onyx.Designers use Iran Rainbow Onyx in a combination with Pietra Gray Marble and Eramosa Marble.

Rainbow Onyx Tile

Rainbow Onyx Tile is produced and ready to export to use for your projects. The tiles are transparent in most parts and extremely popular. MGT Stone Co produces Rainbow Onyx Slabs as well for your consideration.

Rainbow Onyx Block

Rainbow Onyx Blocks are collected from different quarries in Iran and MGT is keeping all in stockyard with the best condition. We would like to invite you to visit the quarries with us and choose your desired blocks yourself. Every slabs and block of natural stone is unique. Because of this, it is important to visit one of MGT Onyx product to see the variations in person.

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