Red Travertine CC Stone

Origin: Iran
Type: Travertine
Code: MS-T18
Available in: Block, Slab, Tile
Colour: Red

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Red Travertine (Crosscut)

Bold, yet natural, Red Travertine makes a statement while keeping its feet on the ground. A gorgeous mix of reds, oranges, and rusts mingle in natural patterns, adding subtle interest amongst bright colors. Depends on the client's interest and requirement, Red travertine would be available in two sorts, Dark Red Travertine, and Light Red Travertine. The light sort can be called Orange Travertine.


Red Travertine Slab

MGT Stone is offering Red Travertine Slabs from two different quarries. The first red travertine quarry provides red travertine blocks, which have special straight veins and perfect for producing vein cut Slabs. This is while the red travertine blocks, extracted from the second red travertine quarry does not have straight veins and used for producing cross cut red travertine slabs. MGT stone has both vein-cut and crosscut red travertine tiles and slabs in its stone warehouse. Many countries love vein-cut travertines as it looks natural and presents the beauty of nature and many other countries such as Iran, Japan, and Iraq mostly order red travertine in crosscut


Red Travertine Quarry

MGT Stone Company would be an honor to illustrate the special red travertine quarry, which has the crosscut red travertine blocks in big size and high quality for exporting to the other countries. Azarshahr is the origin for red travertine besides yellow travertine, and walnut travertine

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