Majestic Rose Marble

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Rose Marble

Rose Marble as a Marble stone with a unique red color is one the new products of MGT Stone Company, which has started the extensive production of this red Marble.

Rose Marble quarry is located in Kerman city.

This Marble with jujube red color, very beautiful patterns, red color background with dense veins and many flower shapes form the whole of this beautiful product. Rose Marble is processed in form of polished, honed and leather surface.

The quality and structure of this red Marble allows MGT Company production line to produce a product with leather surface and also with high strength and hardness. This should be noted that this leather form of this product is very popular. Moreover, the production of Rose Marble contains certain complexities that have made the production of this simple product to a specialized process.

Red Marble Stone

Although the usage of active colors is not popular in current architecture, and also, many designers use white, black and neutral colors, but the use of Rose Marble that do not have much variety are common as a luxurious element in many projects.

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