Royal Black Marble
Royal Black Marble
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royal black marble

Royal Black Marble is exclusive own quarry of MGT Stone Company. Having a very dark black background with spread beautiful white patterns, Royal Black Marble gives an eye-catching appearance which stands out among all other black marbles. It is common that many Black Marbles have both white and gold veins with each other but Royal Black Marble does not have any gold or brown vein in any part. In addition, white patterns of this stone are not linear. Sometimes, holes appear on the surface of dark marbles which are called as chains. Chains do not vanish during the polishing process. Royal Black Marble is chain free and so optimal for production. Therefore, this stone is a worthy item for producing polished slabs or tiles.

Black and White Marble

Black marbles are always one of the most demanded types of natural stones which can be found in many countries of the world. Iran is one of the richest places for black marble quarries. So here in MGT, we decided to owning and extracting Royal Black Marble Quarry directly.

Black and white marbles are one of the most interesting items among all other black marbles. It can be considered as a result of luxurious pattern as well as the power of black color especially for modern building projects. Definitely, Royal Black Marble is one the best black and white stones which could sit on top of the lists in short time. Black and White Marble is mainly used in building projects. However, countertops and bathrooms are also other places for applying black and white marbles.

Black and White Marble Tile

As a response to high demand of Black and White Marble Tile, MGT Stone offers its exclusive product, Royal Black Marble. Black Marble is featured as a high productive stone being suitable for big size of tiles. Having one premium sort of quality only, Black and White Marble is a good alternative for those clients who seek for guarantied supplement of Black and White Marble Tile in large quantities.

MGT Stone Company has already started its activity in Royal Black Marble Quarry to provide a large number of blocks for factory owners who search for a luxury marble which is capable for both easy and mass production of Black and White Marble Tile.

Black and White Marble

Black and White Marble Slab

If you are looking for Black and White Marble Slabs with the highest possible quality in large quantities, please let us offer you MGT Stone exclusive product from our own quarry, Royal Black Marble.

Royal Black Marble is also known as an option for beautiful big size slabs in forms of book match and four match.

Having a great stock of Black and White Marble Slab, MGT Stone Company is able to perform inquiries in a short time.

Royal Black Marble Block

Royal Black Marble can also be purchased in blocks.MGT is the exclusive owner of Royal Black Marble Quarry and is able to provide the block of this stone even in huge demands and at the earliest opportunity.


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