Silver Wave Marble

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Silver Marble

Certainly, silver color is the best among wide range of colors and possess high importance in color of marble products. Silver marble grow in Modern architecture designs day by day.

Silver marble is founded in many places of the world but Iranian Silver Marble is uniquely different with other similar types like most kind of other Iranian natural stones.

MGT stone company was studied the market and customers’ need accurately according to today trending items and selected and presented its Silver Wave marble material as the most beautiful and special Silver marble of the world.

Among wide range of MGT stone company products, Silver marble is extremely decorative and complement item, which goes with other types of MGT special stones.

Sliver Wave Marble

Silver Wave marble features a striking combination of a deep Silver background caressed with waves of white, dark gray and gold veining. Its fluid and dramatic patterns make it a popular choice for the sophisticated client. Using Silver wave marble and Shayan Crema Marfil Marble will bring out the beauty of both stones.

Integrating silver wave marble with other types of stones like: white marble, cloud white marble, Persian Carrara marble make it very special and beautiful, which is MGT stone’s offer.

Silver Marble Slab

The most beautiful slabs due to its structure, pattern and special veins is Silver Marble slab. Silver wave marble with its wavy white and silver veins provides a special and unbelievable mixture that can be used for producing of popular book match and four match slabs.

It is admirable to look at Silver Wave Marble when used in book matched slabs, this marble comes in a highly polished or honed finish and is suitable for use in a residential or light commercial setting. Silver Wave Marble is offered in both Slab and tile formats, with tiles being manufactured in predefined measurements and slab sizes varying depending on the stone block extracted. It is worth noting that custom dimensions can be fabricated depending on the size of the projects. Get in touch with our team of professionals for advice on choosing the perfect configuration that works for you.

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