Black Travertine
Black Travertine
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Black Travertine

Black Travertine or Silver Ash Travertine is one of the popular travertine stone, which is famous because of having significant contrast in color and dark veins.


Black Travertine Tile

Our Travertine slab & Tile thickness standards are 2-3 cm and intermediate thicknesses can be offered in high quantity demands. In our production of 2-3 cm, we can produce standard sizes such as 30×60 cm, 60×60 cm or much smaller or larger sizes.


Silver Ash Travertine

MGT Stone proudly illustrates the best blocks of black travertine from the best quarry. We assure our customers to offer competitive prices according to high quality and prompt systematic service, having a working wall in best and most famous quarries of Iran.

Black Travertine Floor Tile

Black Travertine, which is going to increase the value of your places and provide the supernatural harmony of place colors, is one of the best marbles that you can see. It is because of having straight veins that Black Travertine and Ocean Silver Travertine are commonly used together.



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