Marjan Silver Travertine

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Silver Travertine

Marjan Silver Travertine is a natural stone from Iranian quarry. MGT proudly illustrate the new type of silver travertine, which has light unique color from a new quarry from Azerbaijan city in Iran. Marjan Silver Travertine enjoys characteristics of color stability, clear and beautiful lines, is elegant and noble for building decoration. This awesome light color Marjan Travertine is available in good shaped big size blocks, slabs and tiles ready-to-ship in MGT’s warehouse.

Silver Travertine Tile

This wonderful Marjan Travertine has dominant veins and is extremely versatile. This stone is ideal for commercial spaces or special projects. Marjan Silver Travertine is a superbly versatile stone that can be used with a wide range of finishes and comes in large blocks and slabs for all kinds of cut to size stonework including external. Due to the similarity of veins between Marjan Silver Travertine and Black Travertine, the materials are sometimes used together.

Silver Vein Cut Travertine Tile

Marjan Silver Travertine has variation even in pattern depending on the type of cut used on the stone. In crosscut production, the surface is composed of different tones of the same color due to evasion of the tile’s vein during the cutting process. In vein-cut production, the slabs are cut in a way that results in a sharp parallel vein with holes and alternating tones throughout the surface.  Silver vein cut travertine tile is selected for its appealing silver grey, warm creams, noce and dark greys. This material varies considerably in tone and can be selected for warmer or cooler tones.

Silver Travertine Honed

Travertine has naturally occurring holes, which can be left unfilled but are more usually filled. For honed and polished internal floors, this will be with resin either in a matching color or clear if preferred.

Silver Travertine Tiles Honed

Marjan Travertine from Iran is a modern silver travertine with light grey and beige contrast. Vein-cut slabs with polished or honed finishes are usually cut into floor and wall tiles, which adds instant sophistication and elegance to any interior project it fits.

Silver Tumbled Travertine

Silver tumbled Travertine is mostly produced in crosscut. This gives them a more washed out color and uneven surface texture. They have a subtle grey background set beneath interesting waves and swirls forming extraordinary patterns not seen in any other natural stone. This is a superb premium quality stone with real character primarily used for flooring.

Silver Travertine Floor Tile

Marjan Silver Travertine is an effortlessly chic looking stone. The color can fit in easily with any type of surrounding and style. The Silver Travertine Floor Tiles are honed and filled for a smooth finish. The distinctive veining combined with the stone’s hardwearing properties makes them an excellent choice for all kinds of projects.

Italian Silver Travertine

The Italian Silver Travertine is light-colored travertine ranging from white to silver grey, Havana brown and blue. The tones of blue and gold give the Italian Silver Travertine a unique and sophisticated coloring, where scratches and small areas of clouding blend heterogeneously for a high-quality product. Our highly qualified and specialized staff selects and examines all blocks individually, in order to guarantee stone superiority and the continuity of supplies for our valued customers. We are committed to delivering materials of the utmost quality. In keeping with our century-long family tradition of excellence, MGT’s products continue to leave an indelible mark in the stone industry.

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