Sofita Marble

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Sofita Marble

Sofita Marble also known as Sofia Marble or Camellia Marble is a white marble scattered with Red veins. Sofita Beige Marble is a decorative marble obtained from quarries of Iran’s Kashmar area. This material is famous in Chinese stone market with the name: 索菲特金 (Suǒ fēi tè jīn).

Sofia Marble

This Ivory marble has different sorts. Some marble slabs have more homogenous structures and some others are available for book-match, like our Ice White Marble, Blue Fusion Marble, Golden Spider Marble & Arabescato Marble. Each slab includes a personal variation of veins and color to turn every slab into a unique piece.

Sofitel Gold Marble

Sofitel Gold Marble is used mostly in flooring, polishing is a preferred finishing. However, according to order other finishing such as raw, honed, tumbled, hammered and sanded are alternatives.

Sofita Beige Marble

Sofita Beige Marble is decorated with brown veins on the cream ground. Sofita beige marble has a homogenous structure, which is generally preferred for large floor applications. MGT is able to produce Sofita beige marble in different sizes and polishing according to your projects.

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