Spider Pink Marble

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Spider Pink Marble

Spider Pink Marble from Iran is very similar to Spanish pink Valencia with differences in vein and color of veins. Iranian Pink Marble is very popular for exporting to European countries. A soft and gentle hue of Iran Spider Marble permits sophisticated creations. When pink marble combined with other neutral-colored marbles, it gives a strong personality to space.

Pink Marble Slab

MGT Stone Company produce pink marble in slabs and tiles in its own marble factory. The thickness of this pink marble slab is 2cm. It is a natural stone thus it does not require any kind of chemical processing before its commercial applications. It has a very long-lasting shine and duration. One of the best designs to use Spider Pink Marble is with Portoro Marble.

Pink Marble Tile

Pink Marble Tile and countertop can bring joy to the newly crafted kitchen and is very much considered in modern designs.

Valencia Marble

Other pink marbles from other countries are China spider pink marble 红蜘蛛 (Hóng zhīzhū), China Desert Rose Marble 沙漠玫瑰(Shāmò méiguī), Portugal Lagoa Décor Marble, Egypt Rosseta Vene Marble, Samangan Marble from Afghanistan and Valencia Marble. Iran Pink Marble is very popular around the world because of its Fineness and sensuality.

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