Split Face Stone
Split Face Stone
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Split Face Stone

What is Split Face Stone?

Split face used in the building materials industry for any material that has been broken or split to expose a rougher surface. In natural stone industry, the splitface is desirable as it provides natural texture and stratification that is hard to duplicate outside of nature.


Where to Use Split Face Stone?

Unlimited scope of use, including external facades and internal decorative applications - split face tiles can be successfully used as finishing material on external walls, decorative finish in retail environments as well as high quality finish in domestic applications. Splitface backsplash tile and wall tile work beautifully on feature walls, bath/showers surrounds, and fireplaces, in both residential and commercial projects.


MGT’s Split Face Stone

Split face tiles are manufactured by using different depths of tile pieces with rough surfaces, which create a 3D effect on the walls. Our split face tiles are made of Marble, Travertine, Traonyx, Onyx and Slate and guaranteed to transform your walls into a stunning “feature”.

Top Split Face Materials are:

  • Red Travertine Split Face
  • Beige Travertine Split Face
  • Yellow Travertine Split Face
  • Walnut Travertine Split Face
  • White Travertine Split Face
  • Pietra Gray Marble Split Face
  • White Marble Split Face
  • Black Marble Split Face
  • White Traonyx Split Face


Split Face Production Process

Natural stone is most often quarried in large pieces and then worked down through various means into the sizes and finishes desired. Primary and secondary cuts are most often made using band style diamond wire saws. The process starts with marble blocks, which are smaller than regular blocks, cut into random sizes with 2cm or 3cm thickness. Mechanical processing for the finish side of the stone will include the use of hydraulic splitters designed to break the stone along its natural cleavage lines, which creates the split face stone look that we are discussing today. Before packing, these bands will need to be cut to size, in order to straight the long edges to give them a free length format. Once this final cutting process is done, the split-face bands will go into crate, for later shipping.

Please note that prices may change based on supply and demand and are valid till December 31,2021.

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