Super White Travertine Stone

Origin: Iran
Type: Travertine
Code: MS-T45
Available in: Block, Slab, Tile
Colour: Super White

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Super White Travertine

White Travertine is a natural stone with beautiful variations. Super white travertine from MGT Stone Company would be most popular and luxury type among all travertines sourced from quarries in Markazi province of Iran. Super White travertine brings a touch of nature to your home.


Super White Travertine Slab

Super white Travertine Slab has a pure white background. This White Travertine has thin and smooth white veins on its surface. After producing Slabs of Super White Travertine, MGT Stone Sort them to provide the uniform slabs for the orders.


Super White Travertine Price

Luxurious and Pure White Travertine is more expensive than colorful Travertines. The special same color veins of this White Travertine made it a fantastic choice for Luxe building. Domestic demand for this White Travertine is very high as the White color is very popular and lovely for Facades.



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