Turquoise Granite

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Turquoise Granite

TURQUOISE Granite or blue Granite is one the best natural stone from Iran. MGT Stone Company is supplying this beautiful granite with high quality in blocks, slabs and tiles size depends on client’s requirements. Turquoise Green Granite is a spectacular mixture of Turquoise green with blushes of gold. Bold and Dramatic, this stone elevates and empowers any project.

Direct access to the Turquoise granite quarry is provided for our customers. Who want to select the Turquoise granite blocks, by person. Granite Slabs and cut to size products with various finishing is also available. Brazil is another origin for Turquoise Granite. This granite, which comes from Brazil and is a spectacular stone that has intense rusts. The color and pattern of Persian Turquoise Granite is very different with Brazilian Turquoise Granite. Turquoise granite is quite a rare granite material that makes it the designer’s favorite. Turquoise granite Countertop kitchen are very spectacular. The Green granites is a great choice for kitchen granite slab. It is well-known in the market for its unique attributes like heat resistance and beautiful appearance. Its smooth surface makes it a good option for flooring purpose. It is definitely, a great option for building construction. Turquoise granite reveals a range of greens with unimaginable tonalities, exotic seams and textures: Verde Ubatuba, Verde Savana… A veritable revelation for the interior design and decoration of today.

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