Venus White Marble

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Venus White Marble

Thassos White Marble, Mugla White Marble and Vietnam White Marble are all reputed names in pure white marble category. Beside our other great white marbles like Cloud White Marble, Persian Carrara Marble and Ice White Marble, we would like to introduce a Persian Pure White Marble for the first time called Venus White Marble. Having a pure white color, its stone beauty really recalls the beauty of a clear sky and the planet of Venus. Receiving a lot of inquiries for a stone like Venus White Marble every day, we added this item to our collection to meet our esteemed client needs who are looking for pure white marble design for their projects.

Venus White Marble Quarry

Fars Province is located in southern part of Iran which is the origin of many Persian Natural Stones. Venus White Marble Quarry is also located in this region in which high quality large size blocks can be extracted monthly.

Venus White Marble Block

As one of the most demanded products, MGT Stone Company always keep a plenty number of very high quality Venus White Marble Block in its stock. Venus White Marble Block is provided in large sizes suitable for producing slabs. Venus White Marble Block is the suitable material for factory owners who are looking for producing pure white marble slabs and tiles.

Venus White Marble Slab

White represents purity and innocence. White is bright and can create a sense of space. Designers often use the color white to make rooms seem larger and more spacious. The best offer for creating such environment is Venus White Marble Slab. Walls and floors are the places that Venus White Marble Slab is mostly applied. In addition, Venus White Marble Slab is highly proper to be combined in plans with Royal Black Marble. If you are looking for all positive meanings of Pure White in your building, don’t miss the advantages of Venus White Marble Slab. It is produced with high quality machines in a standard accurate production line.

Venus White Marble Tile

Venus White Marble Tile in different sizes are available in Marjan Stone Company stocks to serve our client needs. Lobbies, big salons, restrooms, bathrooms and walls are places that Venus White Marble Tile can be applied to bring the beautiful bright color in indoors or ourdoors.

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