Verde Giada Onice

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Verde Giada Onice

Onice Verde Giada is a natural intense Green Onyx with unique white inclusions and darker brown veins.

Onice Verde

The Onice Verde Giada is available in Slabs and Blocks. It is a popular choice for facades, walls, floors, countertops, stairs, foyers, windowsills, doorframes, cabinets, bathrooms and columns. Onice Verde Giada is a very precious intense green onyx quarried in Persia. Is able to create fascinating designs and shades, especially when polished book-matched like the Honey Onyx and Orange Onyx.. Particularly suitable for interior design projects like artistic elements, sculptures, flooring, and decoration objects.

Pakistan Green Onyx

Many people know Pakistan Green Onyx, Iran; the neighbor country has many Verde Onice quarries that are unique all over the world. When backlit, the Verde Onice stands out from gloss, making the piece even brighter thanks to the delicate brown intrusion. Possible realizations are staircases, floors, and cladding, but kitchen floors and shower trays.

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