Persian Volakas Marble

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Volakas Marble

Volakas Marble is a beautiful Marble located in Greece which is internationally known for its flawless looks. As a matter of fact, this wonderful marble is also known as Carrara of Greece!

Our dear customers are often fascinated by the beautiful silver and light brown waves on the white background of Volakas Marble which makes this product of ours totally unique and inspiring!

Volakas Marble’s mine is known as one of the biggest open-pit mines that is quarried under the ground through tunnel excavation and has the ability to be quarried several times a year.

Therefore, it is obviously a luxurious and highly demanded product with huge annual production.

MGT Stone Co. is a major supplier of this fantastic marble inside and outside of Iran’s borders for those who are looking for a unique white marble to use in their projects!

Volakas White

One of the features that differentiates Volakas Marble from all other products is the eccentric white color of the background. The uniqueness of this color makes the patterns and lines to be shown perfectly on the surface.

This marble has always been practical for classic and luxurious projects since a long time ago. Nevertheless, it is now frequently used in modern projects as well!

MGT Stone Co. is perfectly able to provide this marble with polished, honed, and brushed finishes.

Cloudy Volakas Marble

Cloudy Volakas Marble is one of the most well-known sorts of Volakas Marble. Beautiful cloud-like silver lines and patterns with a bit of a brownish undertone is visible on the surface which makes this a totally unique and classy product!

Classification of Volakas Marble

Generally, Volakas is known as a type of Marble but in actual fact, it is a Dolomite Marble.

Not only is this beautiful Dolomite totally different from other Dolomites due to its wonderful color, patterns, and waves on the surface, but it is also highly demanded by our dear customers!

It is similar to other types of Dolomites physically and chemically.

The texture of this stone is totally solid. Therefore, it is possible to produce huge blocks, large and standard sizes of slabs.

Volakas Marble utilization

As Volakas Marble is known as a type of Dolomite, it has the ability to be used in both interiors and exteriors. On the other hand, it can be widely used in very extremely cold weather conditions.

It is advised by MGT Stone Co.’s experts to use this luxurious product for interiors mostly!

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