White Fusion Marble

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White Fusion Marble

Fusion Marble is the name used for all the marbles that have irregular patterns. The offered Fusion Marble in White color is very famous worldwide. White Fusion is an elegant white marble with complementary gold and grey veining. This marble comes polished and honed and is denser than most white marbles, making it ideal for those looking to use white marble.

White Marble Flooring

Marble tile flooring sets a perfect statement in any entryway or floor space within your home or commercial space. Fusion White Marble usually used in big Tiles or Slabs. Using this marble in Book-Match or Four-Match is suggested and make your space so luxurious.

White Marble Floor Tiles

White Fusion marble is ideal for kitchen countertops, bathroom counters, and many more indoor applications. MGT Stone Co has set up a new marble factory. The goal of this factory is exporting high-quality stone slabs. Besides this, MGT owns more than five white marble quarries. These two factors made us the strongest company among white marble floor tiles exporters from Iran.

White Fusion Marble

MGT Stone’s Fusion White marble is a dramatic storm of lights and darks. The bright white canvas of this slab is painted with graphic, wavy veins of grey and blue, creating an exciting book-match opportunity like some of our other materials like Sofita Marble, Ice white Marble and Blue Lagoon Marble which all have the book-match opportunity.

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