Ice White Marble

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White Grey Marble

The Ice white marble is a white marble, which has a white background with shining grains, smoky gray veins, and yellow lines, which run through the stone rather irregularly.

White Gray Marble

MGT is a producer of white marble and it has this aim to share its white gray marble beauty with the world. MGT is the largest quarry owner of White gray Marble and can produce hundreds of M3 of this white-gray stone every month. The Mixture of Ice White Marble and Pietra Grey, which are booth proudly from Iran, is something that catches the eye of everyone. The Mixture of Ice White Marble and Pietra Grey, which are booth proudly from Iran, is something that catches the eye of everyone.

White Grey Marble

White Grey marble slab surfaces are timeless with their classic beauty and elegance. If you are looking for a surface to sustain through the ages, this white grey natural stone is perfect for you. As Ice White Marble is very similar to two Italian white marbles in appearance: Carrara Marble and Calacatta Marble, it is very common and popular in artworks such as sculptures, entrance halls, and book-matched walls in lobbies. We offer this own quarry white Grey marble in the block, slab, and tiles.  2cm & 3cm white marble slab is available in stock in book-matched slabs and four-matched Slabs.

White and Gray Marble

MGT’s white and gray marble quarry is located in Kurdistan province where one of our marble factories and most of the other own marble quarries are located. Kurdistan is a province in the North West of Iran. It is rich with many white stone quarries. Selecting and marking the White and Gray marble blocks from the quarry is also possible. We welcome you to visit our block warehouse, Slab Showroom, and factory in Iran.

White Marble with Gray Veins

Ice White marble is a new material and MGT Stone’s own quarry. Rapidly, this natural white marble with gray veins is striking up a debate among homeowners, contractors, and designers in Iran and the International market. The specific amount of white marble with gray veins blocks with different veins and patterns are always available in our stone block warehouse to be exported to all around the world.

White Marble with Grey Veins

The Ice white marble is a white marble with grey veins. It has very fine crystals and its finished look with waterfall or mitered edging designs is stunning. It loves to shine, however, we think that she looks beautiful in matte and leather finishes as well. This white marble with its grey veins represents her entire character when she is designed and used for larger areas in book-matched form; such as maxi fireplaces, kitchen islands, kitchen counters with full back splashes, or for furnishing.

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