White Limestone

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White Limestone

White limestone has the best color compared with the other limestone type. It is a strong material and popular to use in cold area. Bianco limestone, Sierra white limestone, Moon limestone, and pearl limestone are some other names for white limestone. White limestone quarries are mostly located in one of the western provinces of Iran, which are close to MGT’s stone factory. White limestone slabs are our usual production which is provided in export quality with logical price.

White Limestone Tile

White Limestone Tile is a persistent stone against coldness. This is why the facades of so many projects are clad in white limestone Tile, always luminous and impeccable. White limestone’s special texture also makes it the ideal floor for exteriors, pool surrounds, and outdoor stairs. These natural stones stand out for their porosity, which gives them non-slip properties. Their chromatic variety also allows them to adapt to very different projects. Most designers prefer to use White Limestone with Gray colors like Silver Emperador Marble, Gray Emperador Marble, and Persian Grey Marble.

Bianco Limestone

Bianco means white in Italian. Bianco Limestone is a famous Italian Limestone that is not as pure as Persian Limestone. In the China market, it is 柏拉图米黄(Bólātú mǐhuáng). Iran is a country rich in natural stone resources and with an image of having abundant cream, beige marbles, travertine, and onyx, also has Bianco limestone, the demand for which has increased in recent times. The Persian Bianco limestone has good thermal performance. It becomes popular for all types of projects.

Pearl Limestone

Now a day, pearl and white colors of stones are especially in fashion in the world of natural stone. White Pearl Limestone can be found in many parts of the world.

Limestone Blocks

At MGT Stone Company, we specialize in manufacturing and supplying limestone blocks that can help you make your outdoors outstanding. Whether you are looking to bring your ultimate landscaping project to life, or simply spruce up your existing backyard, you will find the perfect option in our range of limestone products. We offer a wide selection of limestone blocks in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit the needs of any outdoor space.

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