White Spider Marble

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White Spider Marble

Our Marble Spider collections are coming from Yazd province. Yazdbaf Marble Spider is available in different colors: white, golden (yellow) and pink. The white color of the Marble Spider is very current and trendy.

Spider Marble

The White Spider Marble is very relaxing and harmonious in appearance. Spider marble slab is exported to European and Arabic countries in the form of polished tiles and Slabs regularly. The Spider White Marble is in contrast with our Black Gold Marble, and more often than not these two beautiful stones are used together.

Spider White Marble

White Spider marble has a white background and colorful veins such as pink, black, and gold. Iran is one of the biggest sources of marble stones especially colorful marbles. Spider marble is one of the popular products, which is existing in Iran and similar to Spain Valencia Marble.

White Spider Marble

MGT Stone Co owns two marble factories. AKAM Stone factory is new and located in Tehran’s industrial area. We have gang saw and slab production lines there and the purpose of building this factory was to produce high-quality slabs for export. White Spider Marble is available here in 2cm Slabs.

Spanish White Marble

Marble has been valued for thousands of years for its rich palette of beautiful colors and appearance and is perfect, pretty much anywhere in the house. Spider Marbles in Yellow and Pink Color come from Spain as well as our country, Iran.

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