Maran White Travertine

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White Travertine Stone

Maran White Travertine is produced and provided with a plain white, crosscut surface. It is known as one the best and strongest types of White Travertine in which the low porosity and high density results in its spectacular luminosity and well-polished looks!

MGT Stone Company has started its Mineral and professional activity in Maran White Travertine’s quarries for more than two decades and is known as the only exclusive provider of this gorgeous product.

White Travertine Stone

One of the most demanded and favorite Travertine types among designers and architects is White Travertine Stone. Some of the most important factors that gives a magnificent look to a building and can be considered as a luxurious feature of a project is the façade including the design, the materials, and the type of stone used there. That being the case, using White Travertine Stone in such projects is very common and a symbol of luxury as well!

White Travertine Crosscut

Not only the White Travertine Stone is quite various in type, but it also has the capability of being produced in two sorts of crosscut and vein cut. Some of the leading factors that are vital and play an important role in the stones’ vein and shape formation are the geographical and geological process that the nature imposes to such natural elements as mountains and stones. Therefore, in some cases a specific type of stone is suitable for a specific type of production and procedure.

The crosscut White Travertine is known as the best quality and type among some nations, countries, and people whereas the crosscut White Travertine Stone is vastly used in different parts of a building such as the façade with classic designs.

White Travertine Marble

Iran is the biggest source of various types of high quality Travertine with different colors.

As a matter of fact, all high quality with vast color variations are fully available in Iran and are internationally well known as well! Therefore, you won’t be able to find such quality of White Travertine Marble anywhere except Iran!

MGT Stone Company owning numerous quarries including Maran White Travertine is one of the most trustworthy providers of White Travertine Marbles. Additionally, MGT’s abilities and it’s facilitated professional group has led this company to huge production of White Travertine Marble.

Snow White Travertine

One of the most considerable features of Maran White Travertine is its solid and bright color which has made it an outstanding product known as Snow White Travertine among all other stones.

A large number of the customers consider Snow White Travertine like Maran White Travertine as the only high quality and valuable bright colored stone!

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