Winter Sweet Marble

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Winter Sweet Marble

Winter Sweet Marble (Gol-e-yakh marble) is one of the new marbles from Iran that has become popular rapidly. It is white marble with blue veins. Wintersweet marble has different sorts. Some have the whiter background and some are gray. In addition, the number of blue veins can make a difference in the sort of marble. This marble & Golden Spider Marble are the Transparent and can pass the light through, which makes them unique and exciting to look at.

Iceberg Marble

Winter Sweet marble is a perfect alternative marble for those looking for Iceberg Marble. Wintersweet marble is available in Tiles and Slabs. Easy to maintain, high durability, superior finish, and smooth texture are the few of the highlighted attributes of our Marble Slab. We are an eminent Supplier of Marble Slabs and Blocks from Iran.

Sky Marble | Blue Sky Marble

Portugal’s PELE DE TIGRE marble is a white colored marble with thin to medium grain and a well-defined dark blue vein, which may present an irregular pattern depending on the vein intensity and draw as well as white color and structure. Nimbia White Marble (Nimb Sky Marble) is another white marble with irregular blue patterns. Among all these, white marbles, China blue sky marble is the closest marble to our wintersweet marble. MGT Stone Company is providing wintersweet marble in blocks and slabs.

Blue White Marble

Marble is one of our most popular stones for bathroom vanities and other low traffic areas, as wash stations, butler’s pantry, and baking areas. If you are looking to add a sophisticated and luxurious look to your home or business, there is no other countertop material the elegance of marble. This Blue White Marble gives a harmonic look to bathroom vanities

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