Yellow Travertine

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Yellow Travertine

Yellow Travertine is one of the most frequently used Persian Travertines in modern architecture and is commonly used as a main or decorative material.

Giallo Travertine | Yellow Travertine Slab

The presented Giallo travertine is the most suitable for the international market since it has straight veins and sheer bold color. MGT stone stores a specific quantity of Giallo travertine slabs and Giallo travertine blocks at its ready stock for its worldwide clients with a competitive price. Persian yellow travertine stone has no rivals in the world. Turkish yellow travertine and Spanish yellow travertine are different in color and veins.

Yellow Travertine Stone | Giallo Travertine Quarry

Iran has a few yellow travertine quarries. Azarshahr lies in the southwest of the Sahand Mountain in East Azerbaijan province of Iran. This region is famous for its colorful travertines such as Yellow Travertine, Red Travertine, Rosso Travertine, Wood Travertine, Silver Gold Travertine, and Walnut Travertine. Azarshahr yellow travertine is a familiar name for people who are involved with the Iranian stone industry and travertine quarries.


Giallo Travertine Tile | Yellow Travertine Tile

Yellow Travertine Tile is mostly used for façade, walkways, and driveways, pool steps, outside stairs, outdoor fireplace, pool decks, and bathroom. Giallo Travertine is one of those travertines, which is very popular for pools and Park walkways as well as universities and big buildings because of its fiery yellow color that spread euphoria to the environment.

Gold Travertine

Gold Travertine is a nice mixture of light to dark gold with undertones of beige, brown and black veining. Gold Travertine is quarried and produced in Turkey. Unlike many of the gold travertines in the market today, Persian gold Travertine has a consistent rich yellow color that is present throughout the entire selection.

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