Zebro Silver Travertine Stone

Origin: Iran
Type: Travertine
Code: MS-T56
Available in: Block, Slab, Tile
Colour: Silver

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Zebro Silver Travertine

MGT proudly illustrate the new type of silver travertine, which has light unique color from a new quarry from Azerbaijan city in Iran. This awesome light color grey travertine is available in good shaped big size blocks, slabs and tiles ready-to-ship in MGT’s warehouse.


Zebro Silver Travertine

Silver travertine has variation even in pattern depending on the type of cut used on the stone. In cross-cut production, the surface is composed of different tones of the same color due to evasion of the tile’s vein during the cutting process. In vein-cut production, the slabs are cut in a way that results in a sharp parallel vein with holes and alternating tones throughout the surface.


Usage of Zebro Silver Travertine

Silver travertine is an effortlessly chic looking stone. The color can fit in easily with any type of surrounding and style.

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North Amirabad
Tehran, Iran