Marble Gallery | Marble Products

Marble Products have great importance with special futures among all products that are available in MGTStone. This valuable collection is available under marble gallery’s position. At the beginning we tried to place stones with continual order inquiries in our Marble Gallery.The most important Marble Products at the beginning were Pietra Gray, several Black Marble, variety of White Marble and Cream Marble but later on the combination of Marble Products was organized in MARBLE GALLERY, in the way that they can find any kind of stone products in Marble Gallery according to their needs.

We do a very smart R&D in order to add a new Marble Products to our collection. After studying the feasibility in supply and producing high quality products plus durability of a new special product, we will add it to our Marble Gallery collection. Maximum quality level parameters in being healthy, dimension, design patterns and colors are carefully measured and monitored in our Marble Gallery for all products. Stones with defect, physical and chemical technical problems have no place in Marble Products of MGT Company.

What is normally asked by our worldwide clients is to know that what are the special stones of Iran? Or what is the best option for their current project? What color combination can be used in Marble Products?