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One of the oldest and most famous building stone which human beings have used that since far past, was MARBLE ONYX or ONYX MARBLE. Even Marble Onyx had been used before the Iron discovery. The great features of MARBLE ONYX let humans to use Onyx Marble to produce weapons, dishes and even in decorative industry. MARBLE ONYX was applied in building monuments earlier than other materials like wood.

By passing the time the uses of MARBLE ONYX increased specially as a building material and today,  ONYX MARBLE is used in decorative places.


ONYX PRODUCTS have many utilizations like floor, wall decoration, sculpture due to the passing light feature and in marvelous mosaic in building industry. Moreover, ONYX PRODUCTS have interesting applications nowadays like Coloring industry, plastic and paper producing and oral or hygiene consumption.


At the present time, there is large variety of onyx stone in valuable ONYX GALLERY of MGT. The most beautiful ones of this ONYX GALLERY are white onyx, green onyx, red onyx, blue onyx, grey onyx and multi-color onyx which create special color diversity for this ONYX GALLERY.

MGT always try to design its ONYX GALLERY based on superb production and large store to the needs of customers. Most of customers for ONYX GALLERY are from Arabic or European countries like Russia. MGT invite esteem customers warmly to visit this exquisite ONYX GALLERY.