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Like many Iranian stones, Iran’s Travertine Products benefit from special popularity in the world of building stone. The variety of Travertine Products is remarkably high. Different colors like Red, Yellow, walnut, Silver, Cream, Beige and chocolate are available in Travertine Products. Apart from color diversity of Travertine Products, the sort, health and pattern of Iran’s Travertine Products are great features. due to this variety of Travertine Products, MGT has always try to supply Travertine Products with high quality and different colors in its Travertine Gallery since it began its activity in stone industry. Therefore, Different kinds of stones like Silver Travertine, Beige Travertine in Travertine Gallery have noticeable places. The great variety and large amount of store in Travertine Gallery of MGT, has been perfectly suitable for different projects all over the world. The choose of Travertine stone from Travertine Products is done base on R&D which is in accord to needs of customers with highest quality as Travertine Gallery.

Many manufactures of Travertine Products due to high expenditure of epoxy, do not use it in producing Travertine Products all over the word. However, with the aim of the highest quality in Travertine Products, MGT utilize the best epoxies in filling stage in production line. Totally, all Travertine Gallery of MGT by use of the most suitable epoxies, blocks and raw materials supply the highest quality to esteemed costumers.