TRAVERTINE is a kind of Limestone with Porosities which recognized as a sedimentary and decorative stone. TRAVERTINE STONE is made by sediment of mineral Hot water springs. The Porosities of TRAVERTINE STONE is created by the gases of mineral Hot water springs. The amount of Solution elements in water specifies the brightness (TS) of TRAVERTINE STONE. the Heat and Height of the area are effective on Quality of TRAVERTINE STONE. The porosity feature is a thermal and vocal insulation and these Porosities can bring a noticeable adhesiveness for TRAVERTINE STONE on walls.

The proper specific weight of TRAVERTINE STONE qualifications in terms of polish and resistance to weather conditions. Moreover, another great feature of TRAVERTINE STONE is to absorb water considerably. With development of technology and use of different sorts Resin and Mastic in filling the Porosities of TRAVERTINE STONE, this stone has high value and better applications.

TRAVERTINE STONE comprises 10 percent of Iran’s stone storage. But the color variety and great quality of Iran’s TRAVERTINE STONE have brought the highest rank for Iran all over the world.

MGT Company by benefiting several Quarries and Stone Factories supplies a big range of TRAVERTINE STONES in international markets.


TRAVERTINE STONE is cut based on vein cut and cross cut. Production Systems in stone factories are to produce Slabs and Tiles. The Slab Production like other slabs is done by Gang saw in large sizes. Depending on Blocks, the sizes of slabs are various but the maximum size of the slab is 200 cm in height and 300cm in length. The standard sickness is 2 cm. in all MGT’s factories, TRAVERTINE SLABS are produced with complete 2 cm Thickness and this thickness is available in international markets especially European countries.

TRAVERTINE SLAB has less consumption compared to other stones, but having TRAVERTINE SLAB is the priority of most of customers, as it can create a vast scope of cuts for different sizes that they need for projects.

MGT STONE COMPANY, always benefit from a big range of TRAVERTINE SLAB in different colors in its showroom to provide them for the esteemed customers. More over MGT supplies all sorts of TRAVERTINE SLAB with different process like Polish, Honed, Lather and raw.

MGT in its Factories, use the best filling materials for process of TRAVERTINE SLAB and it can be claimed that MGT is few factories which is capable to produce TRAVERTINE SLAB with high quality Epoxy.


To produce the TRAVERTINE TILE in stone factories, there are two procedures. The first one is to cut to size The slabs to produce slabs, and the second one is block cutter method to produce Free length stone and then the production of TRAVERTINE TILE is done, the extent use of TRAVERTINE TILE is less than that of MARBLE TILE but in many particular and luxury projects, TRAVERTINE TILES are utilized for Floor Decoration. TRAVERTINE TILE based on production, is divided to VEIN CUT TRAVERTINE TILE and CROSS CUT TRAVERTINE TILE which is more resistant than VEIN CUT TRAVERTINE TILE in some cases. Due to the technology in MGT’s factories, MGT is capable to produce a big portion of TRAVERTINE TILE with highest quality in every size under remarkable precisions. TRAVERTINE TILE like many stones is produced in shapes of square and rectangle.

The following table includes the standard size of TRAVERTINE TILE :


Description size
Travertine Tile 30*30
Travertine Tile 40*40
Travertine Tile 60*60
Travertine Tile 80*80
Travertine Tile 100*100
Description size
Travertine Tile 30*60
Travertine Tile 40*60
Travertine Tile 40*80
Travertine Tile 60*120
Travertine Tile 90*180


The stones which are extracted with specific dimensions from TRAVERTINE QUARRIES are called TRAVERTINE BLOCK. These Dimensions have to be completely well shaped. The best dimensions for TRAVERTINE BLOCK are 2 widths of 200cm and length of 300cm. a TRAVERTINE BLOCK with the mentioned measures and specific weight of 2/4gr/cm3, weighs 23 to 27 tons. In case of entire health of TRAVERTINE BLOCK with these dimensions and benefiting from same color and pattern, the block will have the highest value. A TRAVERTINE BLOCK with the above mentioned features is the most superb TRAVERTINE BLOCK for export or to produce the best Slabs. Due to the features of TRAVERTINE BLOCK, having full-size blocks is more difficult that other stones. Therefore, in quarries, TRAVERTINE, especially the light ones are supplied in groups and line containing a collection of blocks with great quality and different tonnage. The Stockyards of MGT are the best places to provide TRAVERTINE BLOCK for our Esteemed customers.

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