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MGT has been one of the leading natural stone companies in Iran since 2004, in addition supplying high-quality and unparalleled variety of Persian marble, travertine, limestone and onyx to client all over the world, with this advanced organizational structure and high level of technology. MGT’s activity covers all aspects from quarrying, cutting, processing and finishing to packing and distribution of finished as well as blocks. MGT is exporting high-quality products which is including Travertine, Marble, Limestone and Onyx to almost 40 different countries, such as America, Middle East, Europe, Central Asia and the Far East.

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MGT ( Marjan Golden Trading) was founded as STONE COMPANY in 2004.The aim to found this Natural Stone Company was to improve the status of Iran’s stone industry by developing stone production, quarries and increasing export. Therefore, MGT as a STONE COMPANY in its first step focused on quick development and established its stone factory number one which in turn is the biggest and most modern stone factory. using Italian novel machinery in this stone factory has created noticeable position for this STONE COMPANY.

In other step to supply Blocks, STONE COMPANY founded the Bianco coral quarry which was the first quarry of NATURAL STONE COMPANY. With the raise of MGT’s export and recognizing MGT as a famous STONE COMPANY in Iran and all over the world, This STONE COMPANY to expand its activity in stone industry, constructed it stone factory number 2 and established several quarries including Royal Black Marble, Cloud White Marble, and Persian Carrara Marble. Besides This STONE COMPANY made some showrooms and block yards.

Currently, MGT as the most prominent STONE COMPANY in Iran, exports slab and block to over 45 counties. The background of MGT as a STONE COMPANY is well known throughout the world and MGT is the best supplier of Iranian stone products as a NATURAL STONE COMPANY. With development of hardware in this STONE COMPANY the software section in different parts like Personnel, logistic, IT, Finance and so on were developed perfectly.

MGT : One of The Greatest Marble companies in IRAN

MGT as MARBLE STONE COMPANY supplies its products with highest quality to esteemed customers and proved the great potential for big international projects.

The development of facilities and services is a strategic goal of this MARBLE Company’s managers and in the near future you will witness new quarries and magnificent show rooms.