Paradise Marble

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Classic Marble

Classic marbles group has a wide variety of different kinds of beige spectrum marbles. It includes light cream to dark brown colors. In other words, classic marble recalls the designs and colors relating to classic architecture in our minds.

Classic building designs employ large amount of classic marble, including types of beige stones, especially dark beige ones.

We can mention the low risk of using the color and popularity of classic marbles as their features. Meanwhile, MGT Stone Company presents the natural stone industry with the widely used product named Paradise Marble.

Paradise Marble

Paradise Marble is a stone with harmonious beige color and faint white veins that are sturdy and strong. One of the characteristics of Paradise Marble is the prominent monotony that is rarely conspicuous in similar stones.

Paradise Marble is a classy and stylish cream marble, a luxurious choice for walls and floors in residential and commercial properties. Whether for the perfect walking surface for your floors or the answer to a blank wall, let Paradise Marble envelop you. If you wish to invigorate designs by accentuating the light and space throughout, choosing this option is highly recommended as it has a cream color and polished finish.


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