Ella Cream Marble

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Ella Cream Marble

Ella Cream Marble possesses a unique timeless beauty and a smooth and velvety appearance. The huge quarry operated by MGT in Iran is the source of this natural beauty.

Top office buildings, fashionable shopping centers and the lobbies of major hotels display this marble on their floors. But private homes also benefit from the aesthetic and physical qualities of this unique material when used in floors and bathroom countertops to add a modicum of sophistication to any home.

Its light cream background is beautifully accented with strokes of beige and lighter cream colors giving it a rich and inviting feel.

Ella Cream Marble Slabs

Ella Cream Marble Slabs may have different thicknesses depending on requirements. The most usual ones are 2 and 3 centimeters, but special slab thicknesses can be produced.

Our production plants can manufacture large-size slabs. The advantage of this type of piece is that we obtain greater emphasis of the natural stone.

Ella Cream Marble Tiles

We also produce small tiles with the different dimensions based on our customers’ requirements. Just contact us by phone or email (info@mgtstoneco.com) and our Sales experts would be glad to help to find your desired size.

Crema Ella Marble

Our Ella Cream Marble is very similar toCrema Ella Marble quarried in Turkey, Italy and Spain.  The main difference is that our Ella Cream Marble is lighter in color, hence giving it a rich and inviting feel.

Beige Crystallino Marble

Beige Crystallino Marble is another marble similar to Ella Cream Marble. Both have unique patterns and it is sometimes difficult to differentiate one from the other. Since our Ella Cream is extracted from the best quarries in Iran, it is believed to be more durable and also more affordable.

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