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With commencement of MGT’ activities and the founding its factory number one, MGT to supply high quality raw materials, activated its first Marble Quarry named Bianco coral. With raising the activity of MGT in realm of production and export, the development Of STONE QUARY became a plan for MGT. As a result, the second Stone Quarry which was a Marble Quarry of Persian Carrara was established. A really specific Stone Quarry which is recognized a rival for Italian Carrara. This Stone Quarry benefit from a noticeable Expansion and a big portion of production so that, the Stone Quarry can meet the customer’s orders for White stone in shapes of block and slab in the best possible way.

As the White Marble Quarry is a strategic quarry, MGT established a new Stone Quarry with the name of Cloud White Marble. This Marble Quarry has been one of the oldest and famous Stone Quarry of Iran. Moreover, this Stone Quarry is regarded one of the most valuable Iran’s Stone Quarry. The pattern, color and the diagonal veins of This Stone Quarry’s materials are the most important specifics of this Marble Quarry.

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